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Bhajans Audio CD Hindi devotional Bhajans of Sant Kabir composed and sung by Philp.V.Francis and Gayathri , devotional bhajan ab thum kab, devotional bhajan sukh sagar mein, devotional bhajan aise man laaye , devotional bhajan kaya bori ,devotional bhajan bale neendo ,devotional bhajan is duniya ka ,devotional bhajan hamsa husam ,devotional bhajan kya margo ,devotional bhajan ab thum kab

Song Title Music Director Male Voice Female Voice Raagam Thaalam Song Duration
ab tum kab Philip.V.Francis   Gayathri     05.35
sukh sagar mein Philip.V.Francis   Philip.V.Francis     05.28
aise man laaye Philip.V.Francis   Gayathri     04.49
kaya bori Philip.V.Francis   Philip.V.Francis     03.36
bale neendo Philip.V.Francis   Gayathri     04.35
is duniya ka Philip.V.Francis   Gayathri     05.08
hamsa husam Philip.V.Francis   Philip.V.Francis     04.41
kya margo Philip.V.Francis   Gayathri     04.06
ab tum kab Philip.V.Francis   Philip.V.Francis     05.35
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