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Mohiniyattom Vol3 Video CD carnatic classical dance performed on stages at thrissur of 52th of Kerala State school Youth Festival 2012 Girls a collection of seven dances The costume includes white sari embroidered with bright golden brocade at the edges. The dance follows the classical text of Hastha Lakshanadeepika, which has elaborate description of mudras The Jewellery our traditional dancers wear is the typical complete set of Temple Golden Finish Jewellery with a proper wide Golden Lakshmi belt specially designed for Mohiniyattam. The foot steps are made tinkling with a good pair of original Chilanka or either known as Ghungroo or Dancing bells worn by the dancer on her legs. The performer also adorns herself with Fresh white Jasmine flowers which is decked to her hair bun arranged on the left side of the head pinned on to a beautiful Jurapin, which makes Mohiniyattam artists distinct from other dance forms artists of India.The vocal music of Mohiniyattam involves variations in rhythmic structure known as chollu. The lyrics are in Manipravalam, a mixture of Sanskrit and Malayalam.

Song Title Music Director Male Voice Female Voice Raagam Thaalam Song Duration
Sreenu nee mama            
Sagara gamini            
Rama Rama jaya            
He mama manasa            
Kama Roopini            
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