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Kathaprasangam Vol2 Video CD malayalam story telling performed on stages at thrissur of 52th of Kerala State school Youth Festival 2012 Boys & Girls a collection of five Malayalam Kathaprasangam , Karugayanu Kaikasi Karayugayanu , Reporter, Amma. Madam Curie , Gandhari .Kathaprasangam story telling performance is a performing art of Kerala, India. It combines speaking, acting, and singing to present a story. There are no costumes, make-up, or settings. The main artist, Kaadhikan tells the story, act, and sings before the audience with two or three accompanying artists in the background playing the orchestra.Kadhaprasangam received themes from sources largely classical and popular literature. The scripts can be original works written for the performance or adaptations of stories from epics, classical, or modern literature.

Song Title Music Director Male Voice Female Voice Raagam Thaalam Song Duration
Karayugayanu Kaikasi            
Madam Curie            
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