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Daffmuttu & Arabanamuttu DVD performed on stages at thrissur of 52th of Kerala State school Youth Festival 2012 of Boys a collection of six daffmuttu and six arabanamuttu .Duffmuttu  an art form prevalent among Muslims in the Malabar region of the state of Kerala insouth India. It derives its name from the duff, a percussion instrument made of wood and ox skin.Duffmuttu is performed as social entertainment and to commemorate festivals,uroos festivals connected with mosques and weddings. Duffmuttu can be performed at any time of the day. A duffmuttu performance usually consists of six members who stand or sit facing each other singing songs and swaying their bodies to the tempo of the song which is set by the rhythmic beats of the duff, Aravana muttu or arabana muttu is an art form prevalent among Muslims in Kerala state of south India, named after the musical instrument of the same name, which is a drumlike instrument or made of wood and animal skin, similar to the daff but a little wider and smaller.This is a more difficult art than the duff. There are traditional and modern method of playing the aravana. The traditional method is by sitting in a semicircle. The leader of the group will start singing and when the initial song is over, the players will start to play following the song of the leader and beating on the aravana musically; others will beat in the same way by giving chorus to the song.Even thou the duff and Aravana are two different types of arts, they are used inter changeably for the word duff and not Aravana. It is because duff is more familiar than the Aravana.This art is now a day used for competition in kerala
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