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Melody, harmony & beyond – Antara – A musical confluence is a multi hued rainbow that emerges when the great waves of occidental notes strike against the solid rocks of Carnatic music. From the scintillating melodies of Saint Tyagaraja to the swaying padams of Irayimman Thampi, this novel collection comprises of a spectrum of traditional Krithis sung in their purest and undiluted form with a most sophisticated musical orchestration. The cadences of these songs have been woven in such a manner that they are apt for traditional repertoire of classical dances. Through this, the makers of this album have tried to bring out the quintessence of musical ethos in an extraordinary treatment of notes and rhythms so as to present a novel and dreamlike experience to all music lovers. 

Song Title Music Director Male Voice Krithi Raagam Thaalam Song Duration
Brochevarevarura A.S.Sreejith Abhiram Unni Mysore Vasudevacharya Khamas Aadi 07.45
Aarodu Cholvene A.S.Sreejith Abhiram Unni Irayimman Thampi Nathanamakriya Khandachappu 05.49
Manavyalakincha A.S.Sreejith Abhiram Unni Thyagaraja Nalinakanthi Aadi  06.49
Balakrishnadevam A.S.Sreejith Abhiram Unni Meenakshisuthan Yamunakalyani Aadi 07.10
Sreenivasa A.S.Sreejith Abhiram Unni Papanasam Sivan Hamsanandi Aadi 06.26
Chentharsayaka A.S.Sreejith Abhiram Unni Irayimman Thampi Behag Misrachappu 06.35
Vande Matharam A.S.Sreejith Abhiram Unni K.C.Kesava Pillai Kuntalavarali Aadi 04.27
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