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Ottanthullal  pronounced  performance art from Kerala was founded by Kunjan Nambiar was created during story goes that Nambiar, who was playing the mizhavu for a Chakyar Koothu show, dozed off in the middle of the performance, thus inviting ridicule from the Chakyar. The humiliated Nambiar vowed to come up with an alternative art form to Chakyar Koothu, and conjured up an Ottamthullal show that also made fun of prevalent socio political equations and prejudices of the region, performer himself sings and says the story. The troop which accompanies the main artist repeats the same when each sentence is completed. This gives the people a chance to clearly follow what is said and enjoy the satire to the maxim .The story of “Kallyana Sougandhikam” an extract from Mahabharata where Lord Bhimatravels to collect a rare flower by name Kallyana Sougandhikam. Seeing his elder brother Hanuman on the way, he was engaged in lengthy conversations as Bhima does not recognize his brother etc. It was the language people heard for the first time in a performance which had none of the unusual intricacies of Sanskrit. People were thrilled to hear the verses in the plain language they use in their day to day life.

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